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Are you hitting your goals or falling short?

Most individuals know what they need to do when it comes to fitness and overall self-improvement.

At least to the point where every day you know of at least one thing that you could do that will improve your life and move you closer to your goals.

The problem is that most people don’t do it.

One of the main reasons for that is a distraction.

In the modern world, distracting yourself is easier than ever.

And the primary source of distraction is your phone.

Your phone is filled with distractions, but it also makes you FEEL like you’re achieving something when you’re achieving nothing.

This is thanks to a chemical in your brain called “dopamine.”

Dopamine is the driver of motivation.

The reason it’s in your brain is to motivate you to do the things you need to do to survive.

And here’s the big problem with that.

It’s A LOT easier to survive today than thousands of years ago.

And our brains are still wired the same way they were wired thousands of years ago.

Thousands of years ago, we HAD to be motivated to hunt and kill to survive.

And that same motivation is still there.

Only now, it’s easily satisfied through “supernormal stimuli,” AKA: social media binges, calorie-dense junk food, binge-watching Netflix, etc.

And because these things that satisfy our dopamine-driven urges are “supernormal” and far more stimulating than “normal” stimuli, it’s tough to do the things we need to do to move toward achieving our goals.

So, in other words, your iPhone is killing your gains because it’s sucking you dry of your motivation.

You could wake up, eat a high protein, nutrient-dense meal, have a great workout, read a bit, journal, and get on with your day.

And that should make you feel good and like you’ve accomplished something.

Or you can wake up and start scrolling through your phone.

Which is A LOT easier and A LOT more stimulating.

And that’s the problem.

Instead of being motivated toward achieving your goals.

You’re motivated toward wasting your time and scattering your attention.

Which makes it more challenging to focus on and make progress on more important things.

Your phone is a potent tool.

When you’re not extremely careful with how you use it.

It will use you.

Want to use your phone to lose your last layer of body fat, build lean muscle and get into the optimum shape of your life?

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