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Feeling stressed, Warrior?

Feeling stressed, Warrior?

Kirk here.

Part of self-care is about letting someone else handle the details.

For me, that’s by having someone else iron my shirts. I love a well-pressed shirt, but I hate ironing. And I don’t want to make my wife do it. So I let the dry-cleaners take care of it.

For you, self-care might be in the manicurist’s chair, getting your car washed and detailed, or maybe even just ordering a pizza on Friday night.

But here’s the thing—

While the tasks we pass onto someone else make us feel better in the short term,

they don’t make us do any better. Nor do they do anything for us, for that matter.

That’s where Different Done-for-You comes in.

James and I know what it takes to pique the interest of your leads.

We also know that, between work and home, you don’t have an ounce of energy left to spare. Certainly not for creating and repurposing content.

Optimizing business content for better leads isn’t for everyone but for us. And we want to show you how it’s done.

So, let us take on your content creation and give your business content the life it needs to reach double or triple the clients you want—no stress, no effort, no matter what.

Talk soon,


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