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Here's a KISS

Here's a KISS

I will Keep It Super Simple (K.I.S.S.) for you today.

Proven System + Customization = Success

IF you have Commitment, Coachability, and a wee-little-bit-o-Courage.


You attain a sustainable, athletic physique.

Flexibility (full splits, spinal health, and bulletproof joints).

Powerful movement.

And Total Body Mastery.

Demonstrated by Press Handstand, V Stand, Muscle Up.

And then Next Level Human Flag, 1 Arm Pullup, 1 Arm Handstand (and a ton more).

Sitting on the fence just won't get you those things if you want those things.

I want you to be able to balance with one hand on top of the fence because you've taken action to achieve it!

And to make it easy for you.

And then we rock!


P.S. I'll explain the EXACT nuts and bolts in tomorrow's posts

P.P.S. And here's Chie Keeping It Super Simple and nailing this essential V Stand Hold plus showing excellent core strength, progress, and overall development. Great work!

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