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how it works (secret)

how it works (secret)

But still no Press Handstands, V Stands, Muscle Ups as Basics.

No rehab, prehab, flexibility, joint preparation, mindset, progressions, or customization from pre-beginner to intermediate to advanced strength, skill, and movement.

I joke. But not really. In a fun but all seriousness.

Unfortunately, that's a lot of people's actual experiences.

Well It's just the way the game is played, to the disadvantage of the people who are not experts in the field.

And let's face it, there's a TON of money in the gizmos, gadgets, and gurus.

But we don't sell or need any equipment.

We don't have or take any supplements (only a simple protein).

And we don't have any "gurus" on staff.

You see, there's a TON of money in selling "THINGS" or "METHODS" (and I mean a TON).

It goes back to the old snake-oil salesman.

But now, it's Big Pharma, Big Education, and Big Fitness.

And Kirk, we see their new programs released every quarter, just like you see them floating through your feed.

And all our students have tried every. Single. One. of them.

There's a 97% dropout rate for DIY courses.

And no Press Handstands, V Stands, Muscle Ups, or Human Flagsor in their testimonials. That's a fact.

Another FACT. 80% of the world has back pain (and 80% are overweight).

It's how this stuff really works--or doesn't work, unfortunately.


This is the only thing I can say at this point.

Our students crush it.


We use a simple, straightforward system: train, customize, train.

The system isn't sexy, but the results are.

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