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I bought THE MOST EXPENSIVE program

I bought THE MOST EXPENSIVE program.

I bought THE most expensive program out there.

This was YEARS ago.

Way before we opened our HQ or Online Training.

Here's EXACTLY what happened.

It's designed to be a long-term, one-size-fits-all solution with perfect ingredients.

I diligently followed it, every single step, for weeks upon weeks.

And for months, I was stuck on several things.

The advice? Work harder.

Guess what else?

I also broke my hand (sparring accident).

Plus other joint issues I won't get into here.

So no customization. No tailoring.

Well, here's EXACTLY what I DID.

I diagramed how the entire thing works in a spreadsheet.

Then I diagnosed my weak links.

And built my progressions as well as whole new lines of development.

And built a brand new system from the ground up.

And then built them out for each of the 5 Elements of Powerbatics (ninja strength, power, cirque, freerun, handstand) and pushed myself to Level 10 in each.

And now still doing cool twisting flips, one-arm handstands, and fun stuff (at 40+ years old!)

however, the only reason I was able to do this was that I already had:

Twenty years of prior physical training experience

As well as teaching, coaching, and building curriculum

For middle school through University level education.

So I was in a unique position with a ton of background.

I get not everyone has those advantages, backgrounds, or tools.

And, every day counts a bunch more once you hit a certain age too.


I decided to do what I'm good at.

So we built HQ, and once we mastered that, we started providing Online Training.

With tried & tested curriculum for each of the 5 Elements of Powerbatics.

With the #1 missing piece (and something I didn't have).

What I learned over time and from training 1,000's students is NECESSARY.


For brain and body.

Because not everyone is an expert in the field with decades of history.

And because everybody is unique with their backgrounds and baggage.

Yet they (just regular everyday people)--like YOU--can speed up results 10x faster with Direct Coaching and Community.

Plus, it's just safer that way. If people are giving you free advice online somewhere, run for the hills. It would help if you had waivers, licensing, insurance, documentation, curriculum, customization, and a Team.

It's like building a jet engine; it's incredibly complicated.

But it's also extremely simple to those that do it professionally every day.

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