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I got many questions from colleagues in the high ticket space recently


I got many questions from colleagues in the high ticket space recently, and the most common one has been, "So how did you guys hit $1M/month?"

I knew what they WANTED me to tell them…

→ "We figured out paid ads."

→ "We built this killer automation sequence."

→ "We have this wild webinar funnel crushing now."

Sorry, the answer was not rooted in any of that hyped-up stuff the gurus and ads that show up on your feed every day would love to make you believe.

If I continued looking for fancy funnels as the solution to scale, I'd be burned out, lost, and feeling like an epic failure. The answer to our growth was in the BORING stuff.

Don't click away!

It would help if you read this, or you'll become the bottleneck of your growth.

Last year's best business decision was investing in learning systems, operations, structure, and team building.

Yes, the BORING stuff, but this stuff will get you beyond $50K and eventually $500K+ months like we do every month.

I didn't learn this stuff in the masterminds I was part of, so I lived off great sales and marketing skills.

But when you lack organizational processes, you will hit a wall hard.

The past year, my coaching and mastermind investments have been in learning how to lead an organization, communicate, problem solve, build leaders and scale a vision.

I can tell you that when you start building a business, your problems NEVER disappear.

You have different programs and become better at dealing with them.

Today I run an organization with tools that give my life structure and freedom, such as:

→ A company org chart

→ A senior leadership team

→ Department heads

→ Weekly tactical meeting

→ A monthly company vast 'town hall.'

→ Friend, Clear roles and responsibilities for the entire team

→ Explicit standards of performance

I'm building an UNSTOPPABLE TEAM and super proud of our growth, considering how dysfunctional and unorganized I used to run things because I was a poor leader and never invested in the operations and structure side of a business.

You can get to $50K/month without this stuff, but to scale past seven figures with CONSISTENCY and PREDICTABILITY, it's essential…

I hope you found this helpful.


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