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I wouldn't say I like social media

Hey Warrior,

I wouldn't say I like social media.

I know that probably sounds weird, primarily when I'm known as the go-to expert on Facebook Groups.

But seriously, if it weren't for my online business, I wouldn't even be on any of the socials!

Reason #1: I'm a private person and don't want to share the minute-by-minute play-by-play of my life for all to see.

Reason #2: There's a whole heck of a lot of fakeness's out there which can lead to significant comparison it is for the ordinary person who experiences life and compares their entire life reel to someone else's highlight reel

Reason #3: It can be a massive timewaster. A quick scroll can turn into hours down the rabbit hole.

So I'm not a scroller. I rarely know what's going on on social media, fly-by-the-night trends, or platforms like TikTok. Yeah, not so much my thing

(Speaking of which, my team has been asking me to go on Tiktok forever, but I can't picture myself dancing or lip-syncing to lyrics! haha)

Anyway, I'm sharing this with you because although entrepreneurship is all about adapting. It doesn't mean you have to pull a total of 180 changes on your personality.

Even though I don't know the play-by-play on all the social newsfeeds, it doesn't matter.

Friend, One of the biggest myths I hear is that you have to spend a ton of time on your online social media presence to succeed.

Yeah, that's true if you're posting for the sake of posting, which puts you on a treadmill of content creation that disappears in the feed within hours or days of posting it. Poof! Gone. Repeat. Create. Poof gone. Repeat.

Struggling online entrepreneurs try to keep up with the content treadmill. They are fighting to be seen. Craving to stand out and have people pay attention to them over anyone else.

They get stuck in what I call the engagement bubble.

And before long, that leads to frustration, burnout, and for some giving up because, despite all their effort, it still isn't working.