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If you want to level up your body weight strength & skill, then you need three things.

If you want to level up your body weight strength & skill, then you need three things.

1. A clear path forward because.

So many people come to us from careers like surgeons, physical therapists, attorneys, and other busy professions.

Many of them require degrees. Not only that, but advanced degrees stacked on top.

Raise your hand if that's you.

You've gone through an obvious path. Well, maybe not always the clearest when you're in it, but it is ultimately well-established.

Kind of like a path carved out in the woods.

Many others have used it before, and it's all but proven.

And then you're practicing in the area you studied.

Yet, when it comes to health and fitness, often, the path doesn't seem so clear.

So you need.

2. A clear vision, since.

A path is useless if you don't know where you want to get to.

We've all seen those in universities where they switch back and forth between majors (or sometimes fail or drop out).

And end up with a degree that they don't use.

That's a lot of time and money.

So it would help if you established what you want to achieve.

And then read.

3. Yesterday's post (but I will summarize it below).

In it, I share a secret with only those parts of the Family.

And it helps you merge the above 1. and 2. together until you've attained the health and fitness you desire.

I sent it via SMS to a small handful as well.

It won't be advertised on our website.

It's a 25 percent savings for booking a call today on your customized coaching.

On that call, you'll review your current situation and goals.

Then we'll get you scheduled for your Kickoff Call.

And she was then training within a matter of minutes.

This works for New Students, Upgrades, and Renewals.

So take advantage

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