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If you woke up tired this morning

If you woke up tired this morning

My Friend, If you woke up feeling anxious, overwhelmed, or afraid.

If you woke up with a little voice in your head that told you that you have too much to do and you aren't enough to do it

I want you to be present in that voice.

My Friend, I don't want you to ignore or avoid that voice.

My Friend, Listen to the voice of fear and doubt, and tell that voice:


Today, I'm not going to be run by fear.

Today, I will not let guilt and shame ruin my opportunities.

Maybe one day I'll let fear and scarcity run my life, but today is not that day!

Because TODAY, I will focus on expansion.

Today, I'm going to focus on purpose.

Today, I'm going to focus on everything good in my life.

There are always excuses and reasons to see what's wrong with your life, but there are also always reasons to act and blessings to find.

My Friend, What you focus on is what you create more of in your life.

If you focus on scarcity, doubt, guilt, and shame, you always attract more of them.

Accept that those feelings are a part of life, but acknowledge that you are not those feelings; you are the experience of those feelings.

When those feelings come, focus on expansion instead of negativity.

Today is the day that you go out into the battlefield and conquer.

Because every day, you have a choice:

Every day, you have the power to tell that voice not to run your life. It would help if you believed without a shadow of a doubt that you were born for greatness.

You have a purpose.

It may seem right now that nothing is working as hard as you try.

You may feel like life is punching you in the face over and over again.

But those are the moments that you will find the strength deep inside you to level the fuck up and lead.

Don't let the voice of fear, doubt, and shame take away your power.

Allow God and the Universe to remind you who you are.

Today is the day you choose to find your EDGE.

Every day is the day you choose to sharpen your EDGE.

Every day is the day you decide that the best is yet to come.

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