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The world doesn't need more workouts.

The world doesn't need more workouts.

Hey Warrior,

We frequently hear fitness business owners say:

"Once people try our workouts, they always love them! I don't know how to get more people to try them!"

Can you relate? My friend, The good news is that you're not alone, and the even better information is that this is easy (and empowering) to fix.

I want you to go to your website or your social media bio.

Is the first thing you mention what kinds of workouts you offer?

Simply put, you need help to get new people to come to try you out.

Problem #1 with trying to get more people in by telling them what workouts you offer is that thousands of other people provide the same activities that you do.

My friend, You're shooting yourself in the foot because you aren't differentiating yourself based on the beauty and uniqueness of what YOU bring to the table- beyond a workout.

Problem #2 is that no one is interested in buying a workout. But they will buy a movement if they understand how your training will help them accomplish something. Or make their life better.

That's why we like to say, "the world doesn't need more workouts. It needs more solutions to existing problems."

People are struggling with

• their confidence, which affects their ability to take risks in life

• chronic pain that's preventing them from doing the things they love

• difficulty finding themselves again after going through a major life transition

• feeling alone

The shift to getting more clients in the door is a matter of telling a story about how you know what your ideal client is struggling with and how you're uniquely equipped to give them the genuine help they need to overcome the struggle and experience life better.

To schedule a free brand audit where we'll help uncover the shift you need to make in your messaging, CLICK HERE.


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