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There are many experts out there who are teaching you how to attract leads.

Hey Warrior,

Friend, there are many experts out there who are teaching you how to attract leads.

And I'm sure you've taken many courses on lead generation.

Some strategies have increased your list by hundreds or thousands, and you're excited to be put on the stage with new raving fans.

But some methods have caused you to fall flat on your face, only getting a trickle of peeps into your space.

Either way, more leads = more potential to sell.

But how the heck do you convert them?

That's the one thing I was missing when I first started. I later realized it wasn't so complicated after all!

Here are the three phases of the buying cycle:

Phase #1 - ATTRACT: Visibility and a marketing plan to get seen and "be found" by your ideal clients in droves.

Phase #2 - ENGAGE: Turn lookie-loos into HOT leads that openly share and engage.

Phase #3 - CONVERT: Generating the sale and creating repeat buyers.

And my simple framework of ATTRACT → ENGAGE → CONVERT came together.

The center hub for this framework was COMMUNITY and CONNECTION.

Facebook groups have created the opportunity to build your community and pull all phases of the buying cycle together.

Want to learn how to create cash on demand while serving your dream clients and building a raving fan base of buyers?

I'm hosting the Engage Your Group Training Series, where I'll dive in on how to host your audience inside your Facebook Group!

We'll go deep with how you can start seeing profits for all the excellent work you're putting out there.

Each day of the 5-part training series will include how you can attract, engage and convert your hottest leads within the container that you create.

No more looking around at other people's groups, wondering when your group will grow to a decent size or how you can instill a sense of community.

Let's breathe life and Engage Your Group together!



P.S. You need COMMUNITY and CONNECTION to set the stage for your Facebook Group. Do you want to learn how? Join me for the Engage Your Group training series!

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