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There are two kinds of leaders in the world.

There are two kinds of leaders in the world.

As a fitness coach, perhaps you already know which type you are.

But your online coaching business depends on how well you understand this.

Friend, Knowing what type of leader you are = is the first step to your first million.

So, which one are you?

1 - The type that tells their team to "figure it out" when hiring or introducing new tools or systems.


2 - The type that gets in the trenches, learns and discovers the best new methods (and even makes mistakes) alongside your team.

Regardless of your answer, now riddle me this:

Which type of leader do you think makes more money AND creates a more significant impact for clients?

Type #2. Every time.

#1 will probably lose money before they make more.

This isn't to say you'll be in the trenches forever, but in the beginning, especially before that first million, you need to get dirty.

Along the way, you'll discover A players on your team who can take over some of the leadership you've been carrying.

But you have to get in the trenches first.

Lead, teach, discover, mess up and grow together.

"But, I hired help, so I could do less."

I know you did.

But it would help if you shared that great when building something great, like your fitness coaching business.

Your responsibility is to share that with your team in the trenches, so they can align and contribute to their greatness.

Read that again ^^^.

Do you want more freedom?

More money?

More time?

And to help MORE people?

Get in the dirt with your team.

Show them the greatness you're looking for. They'll get it.

And if you do that well enough, they'll have a shot at doing things better than you. And together, you'll create even more.

Going from 100k to 1 mill is 100% about leadership and your team.

You got this.

Keep going.

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