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What if this were true?


What if this were true?

The value you give will be reflected in the amount of money you make. This means that to make $10k in your business in one month, you have to GIVE $10k of value.

Warrior, The question then becomes, "How do I create more value?"

What if you asked yourself that question every day - for 30 days - then acted on the answers you gave yourself?

In the beginning, you may not love your answers. Your brain may not be used to answering this type of question. You may have "elementary" answers. They may feel like bad or wrong answers. You may even think that your answers aren't good enough.

But the more you ask your brain to think about it, the more creative and valuable the answers will get.

It's just like working a muscle. Warrior, The more you use it, the stronger it becomes. And eventually, the strain that you felt in the beginning, will go away.

The more strength you create using your ideas, the more experience you develop.

That is how value is created.

Thinking creates value.

Value is why people pay you money.

Don't let your brain go anywhere more complicated than that.

Making money is that simple.

Happy Monday.

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