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#1 fastest way to go nowhere (or ELITE!)

#1 fastest way to go nowhere (or ELITE!)

Have you ever tried to chop a pencil in half so many times that it disappears?

Think about it for a sec.

Take this line: __________________

Now, let's cut it in half, then in half again and again, until you have nothing. Can it be done?

You can look at it in 3 ways.

1. It's physically/philosophically impossible.

2. Or that it goes nowhere backtracking every step.

These first two perspectives go nowhere and fast.

Just like how most people's training is.

And then there's #3.

3. It forces you to go deep, to the molecular level, to precision.

To fine-tuning.

Some will look at what we do, read these posts, and keep putting off taking action, honestly never really understanding nor gaining the benefits.

And others will dive in, hacking away at giant half-slices until

Six weeks, six months, six years later, they're unrecognizable.

And have transformed into tremendous examples of strength and skill.

AS you know, we are already six months into this year.

Half the days of your life this year have already been hacked away.

And more than likely, if you're reading this post, there could be six years--or even 18--that have gone by without you even knowing it.

What you do in the next 6 seconds could--without exaggeration--determine your next 16 or 60 years.

Will they include an athletic physique, full of strength, and able to move in ways that 99% of the population never will?

Will they include abilities that 99% of the population thinks is "impossible"?

Will they include looking good, feeling good, and moving well--in demonstrable ways like basic press handstands, v stands, and muscle-ups?

If you want these things, and even more importantly, if you understand why it's so important, then this is a NO BRAINER.

Book your spot.

And now, every time you see a pen, pencil, or line somewhere.

Think of these 3 Perspectives

Which one will dominate your life and way of thinking?

Will you say, "it's impossible"?

Or, "it's possible, but not today," while the years keep getting hacked away?

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