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4 Ways To Make Money On Black Friday/Cyber Monday And Not Ruin Your Brand Value.

Hey Warrior,

4 Ways To Make Money On Black Friday/Cyber Monday And Not Ruin Your Brand Value.

If you ever see us discounting our main offer for black Friday

(rescue us, our team has been taken, hostage)

Nothing says

"I value my time and expertise."

like lowering your prices to compete in an online buying frenzy

You are a coach, not a Walmart.

You sell a transformational coaching service; know your worth.

Here are five ways to promote your service and generate more cash in the business without devaluing your brand.

1. Launch Offer - create a brand new program and promote that this is the cheapest it will ever be. This will pull the early adopters off the fence.

2. Discontinued Offer - Maybe you are shutting down a service (last chance to buy). You would promote this on Black Friday and enable the Launch Offer on Cyber Monday.

3. Main Offer + Special Bonus - Keep the price point of what you sell it for + stacks of bonuses that the prospect would find valuable.

4. Bundle of Low Ticket Products - You may have a few small items you sell. Bundle all of them together and provide a discount for the bulk purchase.

There are many ways to make this weekend successful for your business, but people taking their main offer and selling it at a total price for one week and then discounting it this week is a surefire way to piss off those who just bought from you.

It also establishes the solid floor of your value and what you are willing to accept.

Here is how we are leveraging Black Friday at Warrior Academy.

Today at noon, we are launching a $1 offer, where we will work with you for 14 days to launch cash flow campaigns to increase cash flow.

We are limiting it to 30 spots in total. Once it is complete, we will close it down.


Alright, if you're ready to get ahead of the economic shifts and fortify your business going into 2023, then go >>HERE<< follow the steps, and I'll see you inside in 5 mins.

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