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A long time ago, I only got clients from referrals/word of mouth/networking events.

A long time ago, I only got clients from referrals/word of mouth/networking events.

Then, I would go into “delivery mode,” the pair of hands for every client. So the outreach, networking, marketing, etc., would grind to a halt. So then I would try to hire, Which meant I was giving all the profit to a subcontractor. So I had to go and network and ask for referrals, And then I would go into delivery mode.

It was a vicious cycle of hustling, delivering, then hustling again.

The problem was I had literally built a business that required me to be the central “lynchpin” around which everything revolved.

There was no trick or hack I could use to get myself out of it.

The entire business model was broken.

So, we had to build a better, more scalable model from the ground up.

We went from:

Traditional Agency — with low-profit margins, a lot of custom work, where we were running closer and closer to the red to enroll new clients


Alternative Agency — higher margins, scalable offers, minor team, could enroll 20 more clients tomorrow if we wanted.

And if you’re interested in the same, I want to show you how to make that happen.

We’ve opened our flagship program, Academy, to those who meet the following criteria:

  • You are a true subject matter expert

  • Charging $3-$15k for projects

  • I have worked with several clients and gotten results

  • but you’re stuck at low six figures and want to grow

If that’s you, we’ll help you grow WITHOUT hiring more people or working more hours.

The first step is to book a “Warrior, Unstick Your Agency” call with my advisors. They’ll ask questions about you, your Agency, and what’s holding you back. Then they’ll suggest how to move forward and how Academy might help.

Select a time here: click here


– Kirk

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