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A warrior with the edge has an advantage:

A warrior with the edge has an advantage:

It is being able to control his emotions.

Emotional fitness is what will give you the Warrior's EDGE.

An excellent way to know whether or not you have emotional fitness is to ask yourself how you show up on Mondays.

Most people HATE Mondays because they aren't prepared.

They aren't prepared to step onto the battlefield.

Let me tell you a funny story.

When I started my own company, I hated Mondays so much that I always took Mondays off.

But then I started to hate Tuesdays!

It wasn't the day that I hated, and it was that I wasn't prepared for the battle.

I consciously reprogrammed my mind to love Mondays.

I realized that Monday separates those who are winning in life from those who are losing.

Do you face Monday as the day you HAVE to get through or the day you GET to grab life by the throat and CREATE the life you want?

That's the key to emotional fitness.

Can you train your mind to love what you (used to) hate?

Can you see where you need to improve?

Can you expose your patterns and change them?

How you show up on Mondays reflects how you show up in life because how you do a single thing is how you do everything.

How will you show up on Monday?

The moment you learn to conquer Mondays, you begin to destroy life.

My friend, What do you need to achieve to get ready for the battle?

What are your MUSTS for the week?

WHO must you become this week to become 1% better every day?

When you find that, you get excited for Monday.

Because most men aren't excited about Mondays, but if you're part of the 1% who are, then you have the Warrior EDGE over the other 99%.

It can be learned if you need the emotional fitness to get excited for Mondays.

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