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Anyone can work out.

Hi Warrior,

Anyone can work out.

But not everyone trains.

There's a HUGE difference between the two.

And as we come to Black Friday, everybody is consuming their way into the holidays and winter months, where they'll rack up more baggage to sort out later.

Allow me to explain (and help you)

(I've got a Black Friday thing to share with you too).

Many have gym memberships, a home gym, or have gotten some video series.

But not everyone has a six-pack.

Not everyone can effortlessly press to a handstand without warming up (an actual test of mobility, core strength, and joint health).

And not everyone can move however they want at a moment's notice.

Warrior, When it comes down to it, what do you want from a coach? Smiles and jokes? Or the truth, even if it's brutal and blunt?

(I remember that's probably the one most repeated phrase on thank you letters from students, "Mr. Weiland, you're blunt…….but thanks!" lol lol)

Reminiscing and all jokes aside, let's get into it.

You probably have interacted with THOUSANDS of people in "your world."

Me too.

Out of those THOUSANDS and THOUSANDS and THOUSANDS of people I've known in my life so far, there are only 2, yes, ONLY TWO people who made a radical transformation on their own.

One guy from a church I went to a long time ago. He ate chicken and broccoli for a year and lost weight.

One guy from our family ate oatmeal and eggs for six months and got shredded.

TWO people out of THOUSANDS!!!

And that's just some weight loss.

What about movement, joint health, flexibility, mobility, strength, handstands, muscle ups, and all the good stuff???

Olympians don't get there without a TEAM of coaches (I know, you might not want to become an Olympian... it's just to make the point).

LeBron James is famous for investing $1.5 MILLION per year in his body (I know, he's a professional athlete, to make the point).

Martial artists have senseis.

Spartan and Ninja Warrior racers have teams and coaches.

Painters have master mentors.

Ironman triathletes have trainers.

Almost everyone goes to see a doctor or dentist.

And average worker-outers even hire massively overpaid, underqualified personal trainers.

You see, there isn't ONE person I know (and I know a LOT) who radically transformed their body with Strength AND Skill without a Coach, a Community of like-minded people, and a Proven System that works. Period.

Working out--can I be blunt, hehe?--is like remedial academics, sometimes even like physical therapy.

It's like driving with bald tires and worn-out belts.

Just enough to keep it on the road.

TRAINING is Goal-Oriented and Transformational.

It requires a coach, mentor, or teacher who is an expert in that field.

It requires a community of like-minded people on the journey together.

And it requires a proven system that's been used by thousands and thousands of people to see what works, what doesn't, and what needs to be customized for the practitioner.

Make sense?

So that's it, my friend. I wanted to fill in some of the gaps here.

And show you EXACTLY how to make optimal progress even in the winter months.

If you want to TRAIN, find a coach, community, and proven system, be it with us or some other team of coaches.

If you'd like to join us, schedule a call with one of our Head Coaches, and if it's a good match to work together, they'll give you HUGE SAVINGS on enrolling BEFORE Black Friday.



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