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Are you afraid of money?

Are you afraid of money?

After working with therapists and allied wellness professionals for over a decade, I will go out on a limb and propose that over 90% of all therapists have “money stuff.”

If you can’t bear to look at your financial details (every penny is flowing through your personal and professional life)…

You probably have money stuff.

If you struggle to say your full fee when speaking with a prospective client…

That’s probably your money stuff stealing your voice at that moment.

And if you’ve spent the past decade in service to community health organizations and realize you aren’t near on track for retirement…

Your money stuff has likely driven you.

The good news?

Money stuff is standard.

Particularly for folks in the helping professions.

The bad news?

That money stuff will keep you financially exhausted until you turn and face it.

All the business and marketing strategies in the world won’t help you if you’re being driven by subterranean “money stuff.”

You’ll sabotage things just before they get perfect.

That’s why any time we’re helping our therapist clients, we lean into the money stuff.

We bring it out in the open, visible.

We talk about it.

We normalize money challenges and money issues.

And then, we implement a few simple internal and external tweaks that will steadily help you get rid of your money stuff forever.

Yes. You CAN enjoy impact AND abundance—financial strength AND being in complete service to your community.

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