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Are you ready to learn the best strategies for building your fitness business NOW?

Are you ready to learn the best strategies for building your fitness business NOW?

It starts TOMORROW!

Here are just some of the fantastic lessons I am teaching in the Serve, Lead, Sell Challenge – starting Monday, 11/14, at noon ET:

  • The Warrior Six-Figure Formula for Life-Changing Programs

  • Community That Converts

  • Priced to Sell!

  • Sales Without “Selling”

  • Thinking Six Figures and Beyond

Will you be there so you can get your business started/up-leveled BEFORE the holidays this year?

My client, Sam, made $5K the week of the Challenge by implementing ONE of the strategies I teach. Imagine what you could do.

Most fitness and wellness pros coast or even shrink during the holidays, but you don’t have to.

Imagine gaining momentum toward creating your dream business during the holidays, earning income, changing lives, and then riding that momentum right into the January “new year, new you” resolutions season!

The Serve, Lead, Sell Challenge is three days to change lives and make more money -> without learning new tech skills, wasting money on paid ads, or even doing a single TikTok dance.

Register now – this Challenge is a personalized, immersive experience. And because it IS personalized, I am limiting the number of registrants to provide coaching to everyone registered.

It starts tomorrow, November 25, and runs through November 28. It’s all recorded, so you can go back and review it throughout the week.

In addition to the Challenge, you’ll get a 1:1 Next-Steps coaching call with me to get YOUR business started for YOUR future clients to help you make the money you want!

Don’t let this opportunity pass you by! Learn more at Join and register RIGHT NOW, so you’re ready to start at noon ET tomorrow!!

All my best,


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