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Are you worried about the economy?

Are you worried about the economy?

Stocks, crypto, and real estate are all down while food and gas prices are up.

Experts keep saying that inflation is about to peak.

But then it keeps climbing higher.

Friend, I know a lot of people who are dealing with doubt and uncertainty right now.

My Friend, So here are a few random thoughts I want to share:

1 - Don’t forget the news is a “for-profit” operation

Panic and fear drive more clicks which mainstream media companies use to sell advertising.

That’s how they make money.

So they have a substantial financial interest in making things seem worse than they are.

2 - Recessions are a normal part of economic cycles

If we never had recessions, then inflation would go crazy.

So they’re not all bad.

Of course, some can be worse than others, and the one coming will probably be worse because of all the money printing that’s happened over the last two years.

But still - it’s a necessary evil.

3 - Winners find a way to win no matter what

Massive opportunities are created in recessions.

My Friend, So there’s no reason to assume it will be all bad.

Warriors, That doesn’t mean you should ignore it or not pay attention to the economy.

But the one thing that separates successful people from everyone else is:

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