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"Be Your Boss in 2023"

It was about 12 years ago when I decided.

I had enough living paycheck to paycheck, working 16-hour days for the other man

It was 2011, and I took the leap of faith

that I had the skills, the willpower, and the risk tolerance to say, I quit!

From there, it's been ups and downs but

since 2011 I have learned quite a few expensive

lessons, and it cost me 100s of thousands

of dollars in the process

Today I want to give you the opportunity

to learn from my experiences too

i.e., Divorce The Boss as I did.

And now it is more important than ever.

I just read that Amazon will fire 10,000

employees also companies like Meta

and Twitter, to name a few, have been

doing rather large cuts

and we are in a recession, so I

expect to hear much more about Job Loss

Its time for you to control your own

financial future

I want to help you prepare with a special

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