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Before the flesh-eating Zombies from “The Walking Dead”...

Before the flesh-eating Zombies from “The Walking Dead”...

There were BRAIN eating Zombies in horror classics like:

“The Night Of The Living Dead”

These Zombies didn’t want to nibble on your entrails.

They wanted to eat your brain.

They would even stumble around saying:


These cranium-crunching monsters would stop at nothing to taste between your temples.


What if it were possible to make your customers chase your products like a Zombie chasing brains in a classic horror movie?

Reality aside, a few essential pieces of the puzzle would be required to make this happen.

First, you would need a niche with RABID buyers.

Next, you’d need a product they couldn’t resist.

Finally, a proven method would be required to get the herd of zombies to do what you needed them to do to BUY.

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