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Belief doesn’t require permission. Neither do results.


Belief doesn’t require permission. Neither do results.

Both require decisions.

Decide to make money.

Decide to be the BEST student and the best coach.

Decide always to get what you came for.

Decide you are already in the 200k Mastermind.

Decide you are already living your dreams.

Decide you belong.

Decide you are loved.

Decide you are valuable.

Don’t wait for your coach or the world to permit you.

Waiting for permission is like letting others decide your value.

Grant Cardone famously said, “If you let the marketplace determine your value, it will undervalue you every time.”

Please don’t wait for my validation or anyone else’s.

Friend, Don’t wait for someone to tell you what to do - for permission to take action. Their answer isn’t better than yours. It might have more perspective, but the only way you expand your brain is by challenging it. Make its answer when it wants to wait for someone else.

Waiting for permission will only prolong living the life you want to live NOW.

You are already an expert. Just decide that is true, and sell yourself on it. Don’t wait for someone to call you an expert.

You already know how to help someone. Don’t wait for the title of “coach” to be bestowed on you.

Permission is endlessly granted.

You are a life coach.

You can help people.

You will make money.

Happy Friday.


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