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For a few select pros reading this, I am about to change your life – and the lives of your clients AND your perfect future clients because this could be the thing that finally gets your fire burning like a gas-fueled inferno!

I know that's a significant promise. And I wouldn't make it if I didn't have something huge to share.

So stick with me for about 1.5 minutes, and I will explain…

September and January are huge months in health and wellness. They are the only months when most gyms put their finances into the black.

And that's great if you know how to market yourself to new clients and sell them your services without feeling like a sleaze or a pest.

But for so many of us, that's not the case.

Maybe you are :

  • Posting and posting, but only getting likes from your Mom (Uhm, awkward…)

  • Trying your hand at cold outreach and getting rejected over and over again. (Ouch)

  • Delivering free lessons in the hopes of attracting subscribers to your membership only to find the only people you attract are freebie-seekers. (SUCH a common mistake…)

If you are frustrated, I want you to know something.

It's not your fault. Everything you have seen modeled for you in the way of marketing in this industry is wrong.

Here's the thing…

I coach the most passionate and intelligent entrepreneurs in the business inside my Accelerator. These are pros who are changing lives with programs that :

  • Combat obesity through diet and exercise

  • Help women heal their bodies and their spirits after having babies

  • Coach women to gain muscle after menopause

  • Lower blood sugar and blood pressure measurements after a health crisis

  • Teach families how to eat healthily and exercise while spending time together.

  • And the list goes on…

And some of these Accelerators didn't even realize they had a passion for the specific program they deliver until we uncovered it through our work. And now they are helping more people and changing more lives than they ever thought possible WHILE growing a business that supports their dreams financially and spiritually.

But I'm going to be upfront.

These Accelerators wanted to help clients improve their lives.

And they wanted to make a change in their own lives and businesses.

And they worked hard.

I don't promise some magic pill.

Friend, The people who follow me tend to want to make an impact above making money for themselves, and when I realized that, I knew I had to teach this stuff differently than most other coaches.

I have spent more than $45K in the last two years on training, mentorship, coaching, events, and books, trying to figure out how to make this work for my unique audience.

And I'm happy to tell you I have cracked the code...

It's the Servant-Leader approach I teach. We practice and live by this approach every day within my program.

Here's the deal: I want to share this ground-breaking approach with a few select pros.

So, I am doing something incredibly unique for a few select people.

I'm going to give a few people reading this right now a significant advantage that I wish I really had when I first started.

And I promise it's going to knock your socks off.

But …

Friend, This will only be available for a limited number of people.


Because when you hear the real world value and personal guidance, I will provide these few people…

… you will immediately understand why I have to limit it. It's because of how much personal time and money I'll be investing into each person selected to make this a high-impact, transformational experience.

So here's what to do next:

If you're interested in hearing more - reply to this email with the words "SERVANT-LEADER," and I'll personally send you a private email so we can schedule a quick call to see if this solution is a good fit for you.

Friend, Since this is only for a limited number of individuals, and I'll be working with you very closely, I'd love to introduce myself, answer all your questions, & make sure you're a good match for this.

And because it's "first come, first served" on these calls - ONLY THE first to reply "SERVANT-LEADER" will get first pick to my call schedule availability...

Friend, and if we're a good match by the end of the call

Friend, you'll also get a priority invite before anybody else to lock in your spot with the rest of this exclusive warrior group.

Friend, But once the deadline ends, this offer will go away & I'll be closing my calendar for these calls on THURSDAY AT MIDNIGHT.

Friend, So to get the details today, follow these directions exactly:

#1- Type SERVANT-LEADER below this post…

#2- Look out for a reply email from me shortly & we'll find a good time to chat personally. If you don't see my message in your inbox soon, check your 'junk' folder because it sometimes lands in there.

Don't delay! I have a severe vision and strategy to share with you that has worked incredibly well for my clients and me.

If you are ready to be 'first-in-line' to hear about all the details…

Follow the two steps above & see for yourself.

I genuinely believe you're going to love it.

All my best -


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