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Congratulations to all my clients who achieved Level 10 Warrior (video coming soon)


Congratulations to all my clients who achieved Level 10 Warrior (video coming soon).

And here is your SYLLABUS for the next 16 weeks (this includes behind-the-scenes info).

Week 1: New Beginnings

This Introduction includes your Level Assessment and establishment of your Baseline.

Here, you will understand where you currently are regarding strength, flexibility, and movement.

Then you will begin working towards your goals, be it body composition, nutrition, Handbalancing, Ninja Strength, or any of the other incredible strength & flexibility.

Week 2: Maximal Engagement

You'll get started on several training days that suit your rest, recovery, and baseline requirements.

This is usually between 2 and 5 days per week.

Training includes:

1. Total Joint Full Body Warmup

2. Strength Protocols (1 unique strength protocol per day of training)

3. Skills (mini-routines and individual skills such as handstands, tumbling [if in-person], aerial arts, more advanced calisthenics, etc.)

4. Flexibility Training

Week 3: Accountability & Advancement

By this point, you've developed a routine and are getting pretty consistent with your training.

You might have already seen some results start to take form.

Perhaps it's 10-15 pounds lost (quite common in the beginning stages).

Or WAAAAY longer timed holds on Handstand Progressions or Core Strength.

Or more polished execution of your movements and skills.

This is a result of:

1. Online, there's a Weekly Strength Test for which you'll submit a quick video.

2. Group Coaching (video calls if remote)

3. 1:1 Customization (this is where a lot of the magic happens)

4. Day-to-day discussion with coaches and direct feedback on everything you're working to achieve

Week 4: Final Week & Final Friday

Here, we take a moment to catch our breath, rest, and recover.

Strength training goes down by about 50-75%.

And a little more emphasis is placed on cleaning skills and increasing flexibility.

At the end of the week (if invited), you'll have the chance to Level Up.

In-person, there's a monthly Level Test.

And online, submit a video of your current progression.

There's a 99% Pass Rate because we keep training tight and ensure only those ready to advance, ultimately maintaining efficacy and safety.

Brand new students one month in are still establishing a Baseline at this point and typically are not invited unless they have prior experience.

But start getting ready for next month, and you'll also see students who have already been training do their Level Tests.

BIG REMINDER HERE: each Level can take anywhere from 8-24 weeks, depending on your training volume.

For example, it may be on the longer side if you're at Level 2 in Ninja Strength (calisthenics) and train 1-2 days per week.

However, you should be making much steadier progress if you're training 3-5 days per week (like most people online and our all-access and advanced folks).

Week 5: Accelerated Progress

Welcome to the 2nd month of training.

You'll work on new strength, flexibility, and skill depending on your Level Up status.

If you advance, you'll be immersed in a whole new level of training, plus maintain consistency with your prior achievements.

If you stay on the same Level, you will receive customization to accelerate your progress.

Week 6: Calm and Steady

The myth is that it takes 21 days to make a habit (assumed to be lifelong).

This isn't true. Habits are straightforward to unlearn.

This is where you begin turning your habits of training into a LIFESTYLE.

You have probably already achieved several of your mini-goals, and this is where many people stop/quit.

But here, you start stacking Wins & Victories on top of each other.

Week 7: Getting Closer

Next week is Level Test, and by this point, you'll have a MUCH better understanding of your body and how to train for continual progress and success.

There's no rush to advance. Just keep doing YOU.

Week 8: Pre-Test (Final Week & Final Friday)

Another De-load week for you! Bring strength down to 1 round or so. Don't push as hard.

Start polishing up your movements and skills.

And perhaps you'll receive a letter for an invite to Level Test.

On the Final Friday of every month, ready folks come and run their "katas" (mini-routines of their strength and skills) or submit a quick video.

Then Awards and Advancements!

Week 9-16: Deep Waters

Typically Adult Online Students take the 1st 16 weeks just establishing a Baseline and getting their bodies used to the training.

They've often lost 20 pounds or more by this point or gained 10 pounds or so of muscle or revealed their 6-Pack.

Many of them will have built a Press Handstand, V Stand, their 1st Pullup, or even a Muscle Up.

Still, others might have gained a Human Flag or perfected their Foundation Kata.