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Fitness 101


Cut your coffee calories. Keep a fitness journal. Avoid eating processed foods. Add protein powder to smoothies for an added boost. Take a day off for recovery. Keep healthy snacks on hand. Get an accountability partner to stay motivated. Write your fitness goals down. Just keep going. Push your limits. Find music that motivates. Create playlists that move you. Challenge yourself Drink 8 glasses of water each day

I recognize having a career that I wake up passionate to pursue is a privilege, and I want to start by thanking you for helping me pursue my passion to bridge the gap between fitness and healthcare. I also want to share with you what it’s like to wake up and pursue this mission to humanize healthcare by professionalizing fitness, in order to empower the individual. An expression that I like is, “If you want people to adopt your vision, make it large enough that their vision fits inside of it.” If you could feel the headwinds that we are up against at Active Life as we work to transform the experience one has when they engage with the fitness industry, those of you who have sent me messages about how glamorous my work is may think twice about it. I love what I do, please avoid misunderstanding what I just wrote as a complaint. I am absolutely in love with the pursuit of our mission. What I’m alluding to is how difficult it is to make progress and how committed and consistent we need to be just to move forward at all. The mission to humanize healthcare, professionalize fitness, and empower the individual requires strategy. -If I expect to be able to elicit change by walking into orthopedic offices, shaking hands, sitting down for an hour with the doctor, and explaining why she/he needs to stop telling people to limit their human experience just because something hurts, I’d be very disappointed with the outcome.

-If I told coaches and trainers that they need to step their game up and become more professional, I would come across as condescending, judgmental, lacking empathy, and out of touch with reality. -If I wrote articles about people who were doing things that a doctor once told them was impossible and no coach would help them with, then I risk coming across like a bully who further beats you down into the pits of shame. My wife once described the way that I find myself thinking like playing a game of chess in 3D against multiple people at the same time (we were in the middle of “Queens Gambit” on Netflix at the time). Strategy. Consistency. Commitment. I need all of them. And I’m just like you. I like to see things work. I like praise for doing something well. And I want things now, not later. So I cast a vision that affords the strategy. I believe that if we are going to be successful at infinitely and repeatedly achieving our mission, I need to include more people and more upside in the messaging than the three I mentioned. It feels heavy, and worth it to play this long game that I’m playing, that we’re playing at Active Life. Our vision is a re-imagined healthcare system that includes physical fitness, nutrition, mindfulness, and personal accountability in the processes that comprise the whole. This system doesn’t replace the doctors of today, the nurses, the Physician Associates, the Physical Therapists, the Chiropractors, or any other existing health care provider. It amplifies their value through collaboration with an educated consumer and a reliable referral network who can pick up where their scope of excellence ends. Speaking frankly, we need your help. Apathy around these topics from you is frustrating to me. It’s frustrating because I put the responsibility on myself to educate you in such a way that this becomes the priority for you too. If I want you to adopt our vision, I understand that your vision must fit inside of it, and so I have a question for you and I will read every last answer that each of you provides. The way you reply to this question will impact the way that I message, the tools that we build, and the way that we create opportunities for you to metaphorically raise your hand and commit yourself to stand alongside us as we pursue this mission. Think of a person in your life who you love who needs help to turn their beliefs, habits, and health around. Why do you think that you struggle to help them, and how could we better help you? I ask this question because I believe that if we can help you help someone you love, the confirmation that you are capable will provide all of the clarity you need to decide if your vision fits within ours.

Reach Your Goals

Love to #workout? Good news!

We have classes (#vMartialArts #personaltraining #Jobfitness) so you can reach your goals. We can also help with #nutrition and reaching your fitness goals. So go ahead and get #motivated today!

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