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Do you give yourself time to believe new things?

Hello Friend,

Do you give yourself time to believe new things?

My clients are shocked to hear that I spent four months working on believing ONE thing.

Or that I worked for an entire YEAR believing I would make a million dollars.

They feel relief when I tell them to give themselves time to create their next offering, raise their prices, or clarify their message.

Rushing doesn’t help. It just creates sloppy work.

Forcing belief creates a lot more disbelief.

Whatever you try to believe, that you can make $2k, that you will make $100k, start with commitment, not belief.

Commit to yourself that you will never give up. That you will get help. That you will figure it out.

And then give yourself time.

Time to believe doesn’t lead to avoidance. That comes from disbelief. (You always know the right action to take by how it makes you FEEL.)

Time to believe comes from confidence. And it leads to doing the work IN that time.

I gave myself four months to believe something new. How did I know I was doing that?

Every day I was either working towards belief, or I was actively working through the emotion of NOT believing.

I wasn’t watching Netflix or running errands, or spinning in confusion. I wasn’t desperately searching for the HOW.

I knew the HOW was believing. I was committed. I knew the answer was creating space and time for that new belief.

The world doesn’t spin on white-knuckling and force. It spins on conscious creativity. On opening up, not shutting down.

Don’t hustle your belief. Welcome it with patience and commitment.

Happy Monday.


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