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Don't Settle for Good: Escaping the $60k-$100k Coaching Zone and Aiming for Greatness

Title: Don't Settle for Good: Escaping the $60k-$100k Coaching Zone and Aiming for Greatness


Over the years, many coaches have come through the 200k Warrior Bootcamp Mastermind doors, and a pattern has emerged. While some are hungry for success, others are content with mediocrity. The $ 60k- $ 100k coaching zone is a trap that lures many, but you should aim for something else. It's time to break free from this comfort zone and strive for greatness.

The Hunger for Success

Coaches earning $25k or barely qualifying for the program are desperate to join. They are willing to waive money-back guarantees, make promises, and plead for acceptance. Their hunger for success is more vital than their attachment to money, time, or comfort. They are in the "I WILL DO ANYTHING" state of mind and want success more than anything else.

On the other hand, coaches already earning $200k or more calmly submit their applications, book flights and hotels, and believe in themselves and their businesses. They are ready to double their revenue and take it to the next level.

The Trap of Mediocrity

However, coaches in the $60k-$100k zone are the ones who often say, "Next round!" or "Sometime soon!" They are hesitating, procrastinating, and deciding that now is not the right time. This is because having little success is the worst motivator for achieving a lot of success.

The little success they have achieved provides them with comfort. They can cover their expenses, recoup early investments, and improve their quality of life. They think, "Why risk $25k when things are good?" But, as the saying goes, "good is the enemy of GREAT."

Breaking Free and Aiming for Greatness

If you're in the $60k-$100k coaching zone, it's time to break free and aim higher. With the 200k Process, the community, and the support provided by our coaches, you could double your 12-month revenue in just six months.

You have to be willing to invest in yourself during this in-between phase when you don't have a significant pain point or the momentum of rapid growth. It's essential to cultivate a mindset that refuses to settle for anything less than extraordinary.

Igniting the Fire in Coaches

At the 200k Warrior Bootcamp Mastermind, we aim to help coaches who aspire to become millionaires. We also want to ignite the fire in those content with $60k-$100k. We know you have what it takes to be a millionaire. You need to experience the growth spurt that will ignite your belief in your potential.

It's time to get out of the $60k-$100k zone as fast as possible. The longer you stay, the more comfortable it gets, and the easier it is to get stuck there. So, let's go. Not later. Not next year. NOW.

Please submit your application and start your journey to becoming our next $200k earner. Don't settle for good; aim for greatness.


The $60k-$100k coaching zone is a trap that keeps many coaches from achieving their true potential. Break free from this comfort zone and aim for greatness with the help of the 200k Warrior Bootcamp Mastermind. Ignite your fire for success, submit your application, and begin your journey to excellence today.

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