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Fat loss is like landing a plane.

Fat loss is like landing a plane.

When a plane starts its descent, it can begin to descend faster at a steep angle.

But for that plane to land smoothly and safely, the angle of descent needs to gradually decrease as it gets closer and closer to the ground.

When most people attempt to lose fat, they don’t consider this.

The result?

Just imagine what would happen to a plane if it tried to land without gradually decreasing its angle of descent.

It’s going to crash.

This is precisely what happens when people try to diet with the same angle of descent the entire time.

And that crash takes the form of hunger, cravings, and fatigue, resulting in overeating, binge eating, and rebound fat gain.

The solution to this is reverse dieting.

Always remember after you’ve been dieting for a while, and you start to feel the hunger, cravings, and fatigue coming on, or ideally, BEFORE those things start to happen, it’s time to start slowly and carefully adding calories back into your diet.

If you have more than 10% of your body weight to lose to hit your goal weight, you will need to reverse your diet before reaching your goal weight (which is why most people don’t do this).

The reverse diet will help you get your metabolism back to optimal levels, decrease your hunger, cravings, and fatigue, help you feel more vital in the gym, gain more muscle, and lock in your fat loss results.

Now, if you’re currently in the process of losing fat.

Or you’ve tried losing fat before but crashed your plane.

And you’re ready to lose your last layer of body fat PERMANENTLY.

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