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Feeling impatient and wants to make your money back NOW.

Hello Friend,

One of my students is $8k away from making her investment back in the 200k Warrior Mastermind. It’s taking her longer than she thought it would.

She’s feeling impatient and wants to make her money back NOW.

I’ve been thinking a lot about our willingness to hold space for what we want.

How long are we willing to hold it? How much time will we give it? What will we go through to make it happen? Are we committed to it being hard?

Often, I think we make our failure of waiting and not having to mean that we are different.

This makes it MORE painful.

We think that others haven’t been through what we have been through. We believe that our coaches have never failed, never waited, or never experienced that feeling where they really want to jump out of their skin from discomfort.

But they have.

I signed my first client five months after my best friend (whom I became certified with) signed hers.

It took me roughly 19 months to make my first $100k.

I started to sell group coaching, and three out of five times, within the first year, I enrolled less than half of my goal.

A few of my students band together to tell me that my group coaching wasn’t valuable and that they deserved 2k for 2k for free (ouchLOL).

I launched Warrior Bootcamp FIVE times for an entire year and never hit my goal of enrolling 50 people. My first enrollment was 16 people, and I never registered more than 36 people for the whole of the first year that I sold Warrior Bootcamp.

It took me two years to have a million-dollar year.

I got kicked out of my million-dollar mentoring group (until I begged my way back in).

In the beginning, I remember crying to my coach and telling her I wanted to quit. I wasn’t cut out for it.

I also remember crying at $860,000 - feeling inadequate.

I waited 2 ½ years to get married finally. I got to my 90-day countdown before I found out it would be another year. I held my dreams for a year, not knowing if they would come true. Would we have to wait another year? Will it get canceled altogether? I held tight to my desire - I waited.

This is the gig.

We go for big things that we have never done before. At first, we fail at them. It sometimes takes us longer than we think it would. It often feels terrible. Our body goes into fight or flight. It believes that failure and all the waiting and not having will kill us.

But it won’t. It will make us stronger.

We increase our resilience. Our rebound from our failures will get quicker and quicker. We will get back up and back to work faster and more intelligently. We will be a little more prepared for the waiting.

We will approach each new attempt with more wisdom.

We will become the people who achieve their goals through each new failure and approach, gain wisdom and increase patience.

When we arrive, we are the people who believe the goal is inevitable.

We are the people who know the number of failures that go into creating success and the time that goes into “having.”

We are no longer naïve.

We rest, prepare, then head out for more.

We are life coaches. We are entrepreneurs.

Failure is what we do. It is what we learn and embrace. We are always becoming the people who have what we want before we get it. We are always waiting for our next achievement. It often takes longer than we thought.

None of us are exempt.

Not even me.

Happy Sunday.


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