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Finally, we are just about ready to start!

Finally, we are just about ready to start!

I know we're all excited about the Holiday treats and festivities but

first, we need to get our mindset right!

Let's get our workouts in and make sure we're prepping for the week

so that we're not tempted to dip our fingers in some valueless snacks

Wouldn't you instead enjoy the delicious homemade food during the

holiday parties as opposed to that boring bag of chips you grabbed just

because you were bored at work?

Save your calories!

Use them wisely so let's get on track and ready to crush this Fall into Fitness

I love Thanksgiving and Christmas, the best delicious turkey and Ham.

mashed potatoes, veggies, and a yummy dessert

Oh, I can almost taste it!!!

I have a goal to stay on track every day leading up to the Holiday so that

I can enjoy heaping serving guilt free!

What's your goal?


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