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Fitness coach?

Fitness coach?

Stop selling weight loss to people.

They don't want to lose weight.

They don't care about 20lbs.

They might say they do.

But they don't.

They want to buy a new body to look at in the mirror.

They want to buy joy when they get dressed in the morning and undressed at night.

They want to buy strength they can count on when they need it, whether to lift their kids or finish that project in the garage.

They want to buy the ability to rock a bathing suit, stop self-hate in its tracks, and end dieting.


Because they've already tried to lose weight.

They tried working out.

They tried cutting carbs, fasting and giving up sugar.

They tried.

And now, more than anything, they need their life back.

They need to feel hope.

And they want solutions.

Solutions that feel GOOD.

Solutions that create support, connection, nutrition, and better sleep.

People don't want to buy your weight loss plan. Or your fitness program.

They want to buy a new THEM.

They want an upgrade.

And that upgrade begins with fitness professionals addressing a person's real issues: the daily choices they have to make and the habits they need to form.

It's time to change lives. Truly.

And if you want some help reaching lives, you're ready to change.

I was just informed we have two open spots for done-for-you-ads.

Warrior Bootcamp is looking for two fitness coaches who read this post and said:

"Heck yeah. That's what I do."

If you feel as strongly as we all do about help people

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