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Five secrets from our "culture" (secret bonus weapon at the bottom)


Five secrets from our "culture" (secret bonus weapon at the bottom)

1. Some of you know the answers already!

Shout them out!

"Fingers ____?" Pointed!

"Feet _____?" Pointed!

"Arms on your _____?" Ears!

You see, how you do one thing is how you do everything.

If you pay attention to detail on the little things, it transfers to the big stuff.

So apply good form to your training!

2. Have you ever dressed for a special occasion and felt sharp?

You probably were more social and felt better all around.

Do the same for your training.

We wear tank tops, shorts, and leggings (for aerial silks).

And they are usually form-fitting so that we can see technique/form.

But when you dress for the occasion, it makes a HUGE difference.

Even if it's just your favorite shirt.

3. Love yourself...and share that love with others.

What I mean is clothe, train, nourish, and motivate yourself.

Well...we are created for community, and those things listed above require other people.

And it is a good thing to share this love with others, regardless of whether it comes back on us.

Don't think pessimistically about yourself. Smile when you mess up. Laugh when you fall. It is ok.

And be there for others. Give them positive energy...through comments on a post or loud enthusiasm when they're making a new move.

It all goes a long way.

4. Surround yourself with good leaders and peers.

The most advanced adult leads warmup at our facility...and they hold the standard HIGH.

And then, everyone breaks off into smaller groups for strength, skills, and flexibility training.

But that's what a good leader and community do. They have high standards of excellence.

5. Set little mini-goals each day that you know you can achieve.

Not things you've already done.

But little things you have not yet.

They can be like not sitting down between exercises or transitions.

Or they are making 3 of a new move instead of 1.

Or 1 inch further on your splits.

Nothing crazy, but something pleasant.

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