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Happy Black Friday!

Happy Black Friday!

For the first time, We have put together a Black Friday Warrior Masterclass Bundle of over 24 HOURS of some of her best self-tape and mindset content of all time for you to purchase and have access to...FOREVER.

It was $299. That's it :)

Once you purchase it, you will gain immediate access.

This offer will only be available from now until Monday, November 28th at 1159PM EST, and then it will be gone.

Included in Natalie's Black Friday Masterclass Bundle are the following:

  • How To Book a Co-Star in 8 Seconds

  • Your Self-Tape Warrior Secret Weapon

  • The 7 Deadly Sins of your Self Tapes

  • Warrior Killing it in Commercials

  • Demystifying the Casting Process in The World of Self Tape

  • Introduction to Laws of the Universe

  • Laws of the Universe: Thoughts Create Things (Physical, Physiological & Psychological Relationship)

  • Defining Your Goals and What They Look Like

  • VALIDATION: The Pursuit of Relief vs. The Pursuit of Happiness

  • Resistance and What It Looks Like for You

  • From Breakdown To Booking: A Step-by-Step Look at How Natalie Roy booked a Top Guest Star on CBS' THE EQUALIZER. In this video, you will see Natalie's self-tape audition, get an inside look at her trademarked script analysis process and see her actual scenes as aired on CBS' THE EQUALIZER.



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