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Happy Thanksgiving, Crew.

Happy Thanksgiving, Crew.

I am beyond grateful to you all.

I know not everyone is celebrating today, but today is a day for giving thanks, and I am so thankful.

Officially, the holiday is over 400 years old this year.

Did you know the original feast lasted three days?

And we have yet to find out if anyone even ate any turkey.

Today, everyone's meal will look slightly different, but statistics tell us 88% of Americans will be sitting down to eat turkey somewhere.

My point? Well

Thanksgiving is one of the most dependable holidays for those that do and sell anything to do with the meal.

And it's been that way for centuries. 4 of them, to be exact.

Now think about your own coaching business.

Imagine being able to predict new client numbers every month with the same certainty as a turkey farmer in November.

That's what I want for you this holiday.

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