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Have you ever heard of the legend of Sisyphus?

My Friend, Have you ever heard of the legend of Sisyphus?

If not, I'll catch you up:

  • Sisyphus cheats death twice.

  • Hades (the god of death) doesn't like this at all.

  • Hades punishes Sisyphus by forcing him to roll a humungous boulder up a hill, only to roll down every time it nears the top.

  • Repeat this action every day for eternity

Talk about a dead-end job!

  • They get a huge win (cheat death)

  • They might even be able to replicate it a time or two

  • But then they get bored by the "in the trenches" work of marketing (roll the boulder up the hill)

  • So they get distracted and change directions (boulder rolls down the mountain)

Only to have to start all over again.

I'm going, to be honest with you this morning:

Every time you change marketing tactics

Every time you get distracted by the latest marketing fad

Every time you follow a guru's advice like the Pied Piper

the ball rolls back down the hill.

You start all over.

The trick to avoiding the same fate as Sisyphus? Find the right 'boulder' to push up the hill—and make it as easy as possible for yourself.

I hope that helps,


P.S. — if you want help pushing your marketing boulder up the hill... so you can win new clients without having to strain, make, and expend a ton of energy... reply to this post with the word "boulder," and I'll help you out.

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