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Have you ever heard of this saying?

Hey Warrior,

Have you ever heard of this saying?

"People will take greater lengths to move away

from pain than they will to move towards pleasure."

We, as a species, are motivated by pain.

We avoid it like the plague.

Back in time, this was a survival mechanism keeping us safe from life-threatening physical danger of attack.

There may not be much physical danger to motivate us; it's mostly in our heads.




Rather than physical danger, we avoid emotional pain.

That's why some of the greatest success stories we read are rags to riches. Hit rock bottom, and then BOOM, there was no way to go but up.

The flipside is settling for slight discomfort.

I remember a trip to the dentist when I had to get a filling.

Partway through the drilling, I felt everything.


They tried to refreeze the area, but it didn't work 100 %, so I had to grin and bare it through the rest of the procedure. Ouch.

Then after the freezing wore off, I had a toothache. Several days later, it was still there. I just ignored it.

Heck, I didn't want to go back!

Months later, I had it looked at, and they said nothing was wrong.


My Friend, It got to the point where I just compensated and didn't chew on that side because it hurt.

Since it didn't hurt all the time, I just let it be and accepted it.

Then one day, I bit into a chilled and very hard salted caramel chocolate and got a shooting pain in that tooth.


The pain was terrible, and it just got worse over the days to the point I made an emergency visit to the dentist.

After I insisted, he referred me to a specialist because he couldn't see anything wrong, even though I was curled up in the fetal position in pain.

Friend, I'll spare you all the details, but I got a root canal. Yikes!

It took that unbearable pain for me to do something about it and not settle for "I don't see anything wrong."

Sound familiar?

Where have you been settling for a slight discomfort in your business?

Where have you been paying for "I don't see anything wrong" in your life?

Knowing that you could be 100%, but just letting the problems fizzle

My challenge to you today is to step outside your comfort zone.

Do one thing today that puts you in the driver's seat.

That nasty task that you've been avoiding forever? Get it done and check it off your list.

Show up as your 100% self today and be as authentic as you can be!



P.S. What's the one thing you will do today to eliminate your discomfort? Hit reply and let me know!

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