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Here's how the secret behind-the-scenes training looks

Here's how the secret behind-the-scenes training looks

On day 1, we did our initial call and got your Kickoff Call scheduled.

On which we got your Blueprint tailored and customized to you.

And now, Day 2


There are 6 Simple Steps you'll be doing that allows ALL of our Students to CRUSH IT:

  1. Logging in

  2. Tracking your training

  3. Checking for Communication (from coaches, getting customization, odds, and ends)

  4. Interacting with Community

  5. Ending every training session on a positive note (stop short of exhaustion and incapacitation)

  6. And the most IMPORTANT: Sharing your Wins & Victories (seriously, one of the most significant elements)

But it all starts with getting locked and loaded, just like the folks you'll see on the training videos and in Breakthrough Stories on the other side, who all began by booking a spot.

So get yours reserved too (don't worry, you're not too late).

Looking forward to everything you're going to achieve!

Coach Kirk

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