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Here's the deal

Here's the deal

If you've read my posts any time, you know I'm straightforward, like striking an ax to the root.

"No FALLS, FLOPS, or FACEPLANTS...or other F-words!!!"

"1-3 lbs. off every week till you see visible abs."

"You should ENJOY your nutrition and ENJOY your training."

And "Press Handstands + V Stands + Muscle Ups = Your Basics."

I know that might seem impossible right now, but it's LITERALLY what we do every day...and it should/could be the case for you.

Yet every workout I've seen at gyms and in the cesspool is called Social Media.

I see all manner of people fighting against ALL Created Order!

Trying to do things that are just leaving them stuck, in a rut, laying on the floor doing sweat angels

When they could be moving with Strength and Skill.

Look, there's no reason to destroy your body--or your health--with your training.

Yet, I regularly see "athletes" who look like they've been put through the meat grinder even by early adulthood; you heard me right…

Gymnasts who've been so beat down by a deduction-based point system that late teens crush their bodies and minds

Extreme and alternative sports athletes so broken because they never received quality, systematic, and safe instruction

Military, police, firefighters, principals, teachers, nurses, doctors, physical therapists, lawyers, and data analysts are so overwhelmed by their jobs (not even to mention their workouts)

That it's literally like rebuilding a hot rod.

But the hot rod does exist underneath all that rust.

Inside is buried treasure.

Listen: Look Good, Move Good, Feel Good.


Are you trying to build a Press Handstand, V Stand, or Muscle Up? There's an INFINITE number of progressions that should be used for YOUR UNIQUENESS. Stop Flopping on your joints and swinging on your connective tissue like it's Spiderman's webbing. It's not.

Are you trying to build overall better flexibility and strength? Stop Falling through the cracks. There's a TREASURE TROVE of systematic progressions for specifically making the Weak Links that a Coach can immediately tell you.

Trying to jump, move, handstand on demand from any angle? For the LOVE OF ALL STRENGTH & SKILL! Stop the Face-planting!!! There are 101 ways to ensure you're constantly training safely, resting when you should, and making 100% progress.

And then we transfer these principles to ALL of LIFE.

(again, if you read my emails, you know it's about MUCH MORE than just "strength & skill,"...but the physical training transforms the rest of your life)

For anything valuable, you're trying to attain the same principles apply.

So, still wanting to gain Total Body Mastery and become Lean, Strong, Flexible, and able to do Press Handstands, V Stands, and Muscle Ups as basics?

Stop "Falling, Flopping, and Face-planting" during the holidays, through your "workouts," and on the weekends.

Stay maximally engaged with your nutrition and your training.

Want a Roadmap and Customization from my team and me, plus an entire community rooting for you to win?

Plus, make progress to planches, one arm, and human flags 10x faster (no exaggeration)?

Get on a 1:1 TODAY, and our coaches will customize everything you need.

So, for love, all that's good and more F words.

And see how FAST, I mean "quick," lol, you transform.


Get on a 1:1 TODAY and our coaches will customize everything you need.

So, please, for the love all that's good and more F words.

And see how FAST, I mean "quick" lol, you transform.


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