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Here's what's happening next week you in?

Here's what's happening next week you in?

Foundation Challenge to accelerate your training and progress.

This is the EXACT blueprint we've refined over the last 20 years and taught to 4,000+ students (way more than that undocumented) around the world...helping people of all ages and levels achieve MONUMENTAL feats of strength.

And what better time so that when everyone else is just getting started with their "fall" activities, "workouts," or trying to "get back on the horse"...

You've already been CRUSHING IT for 3, 6, and 9 weeks!!!

Warrior, Here's a sneak peek at what you'll be gaining in just the first five days alone:

Day 1: Kickoff Call With YOUR Coach & EXACT Blueprint Tailored To You

Day 2: The 10 Commandments For COMPLETE Transformation (Beginner to Elite)

Day 3: Daily 6-Step Practice To UNLOCK New Levels Of Strength & Skill

Day 4: Redefining INPUTS For Brain & Body to UNLEASH Maximum Potential

Day 5: Everything you need to 10/10 OPTIMIZE every single part of your training practices

Days 6-120: 3-5 days per week of training

Weekly: Strength Tests

Monthly: Level Ups (on the invite)

Up-to Weekly Video Calls: With your Coach / Doctoral Physical Therapist

Weekly Group Calls

Unlimited Messaging with your Coach

And here are the three areas of strength you'll be building as Proof of Transformation:

Press Handstand (hands flat on the ground, legs wide, and no-momentum lift to handstand)

V Stand (sitting flat on the ground, lift hips and legs into the air in front of you with your hands only)

Muscle Up (lifting and pushing yourself up over any obstacle, rings, bar, or anything in life)

Plus Foundation Series including a Movement Sequence and ala carte skills.

This means a TOTAL TRANSFORMATION of not only perhaps weight loss but also joints, tendons, ligaments, flexibility, and overall and complete body strength.

You will not be alone or on your own.

You'll have me, my team, and the entire community of students and athletes behind you 100%.

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