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Hey there life-changer!

Hey there life-changer!

Recently I posted about the math that drives the financial health of your business (price + volume + value). Warrior, Today, I want to go a step deeper.

A while back, I was frustrated with the growth of my business. I was steadily bringing in new clients, but the finances in my company weren't improving.

It was so disheartening I was just about ready to give up.

ME! Mr. Glass-is-half-full. I was so discouraged.

I was OVER it.

Maybe you know what I'm talking about. That feeling that the celebration of bringing in a new client and changing their life for the better doesn't even feel like a celebration because you still aren't making enough money to meet your needs.

It could be because you haven't decided what IS enough.

Or it could be that you aren't charging enough.

I found that monthly payment plans were killing my motivation and not serving the clients well.

Here's why.

Monthly payments don't serve the client best because:

  • When clients sign up to work with you, they are most likely committing to a result.

  • Monthly subscriptions signal you are delivering a service, not a result. PLUS,

  • Every month at payment time, you ask the client to re-make the buying decision. This means they are way more likely to decide they don't want to continue during the messy middle when they are no longer excited to get started but haven't yet achieved the result.

Plus, for you:

  • Clients who commit to a defined end program with a specialized transformational result are more motivated.

  • Motivated clients show up, do the work, overcome obstacles, and get results.

  • This is great for you because success stories are fun, plus you get testimonials from these successes to help motivate other clients and future clients.

  • Seeing appropriate amounts of money come into your bank account due to your life-changing work with clients will empower your mindset and fuel your growth in ways you can't even imagine.

So asking a client to pay a fair price (and at the same time asking them to commit to an appropriate period) allows them to accept the first bit of pressure you will apply as a coach.

But how do you go from a low monthly subscription to a defined-end transformational program?

I can show you how to serve your audience in a way that gets them the wins they're looking for from you while identifying the people who are motivated to work with you at a paid level.

I have created processes that guide you step-by-step through all of it. I can empower you to:

  • charge a price that is fair and equitable to you and your customers, plus,

  • dial in your marketing message and sales processes, and,

  • have comfortable, service-based conversations with people ready to commit with their time and dollars.

Do you want to work with clients in a way that will improve their lives and also feed your business?

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