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Hey, there, life-changing coach. If you are using social media to promote your business, read this.

Hey, there, life-changing coach. If you are using social media to promote your business, read this.

I will tell you how I built a community on Facebook.

Friend, But before I do, let me tell you why it matters.

You are a coach if you are in business to help people improve their wellness. Coaching is bought based on trust. This means your customer has to feel like they know and like you before they consider purchasing.

Facebook groups are KING when building an audience that trusts you and sees you as the leader. Perfect for fitness and health leaders, right?

So having a large Facebook group can make or break a business.

I built my audience on the strength of 3 things :

  • High-quality content.

  • Serving the needs of my audience.

  • Living and breathing the result, I promise.

Did you notice? - I didn't mention content strategy. Or gaming the algorithm. Or graphics, keywords, or timing.

Based on what I know, I post the stuff you all want to hear about. I don't try to be someone I'm not by teaching things I don't know. I don't try to serve an audience outside of my expertise.

So, here's my best advice for growing your audience starting right now:

  1. Get in a relationship. Know who you serve (even if you are making a guess right now) and have conversations with them. Every day. All-day. Sometimes I think my job is just having conversations. I know so much about the needs of fitness pros who are building a business because I am in constant relationship with my peeps (you!)

  2. Serve with intention. Your audience follows you because of the promised result, so be intentional with the content you create to serve them. Stay aware of the reason they started following your profile or joined your group, and keep their needs top of mind at all times.

  3. Invite through promotion. Constantly invite the right new members into your group by promoting the high-quality content you provide and the results you promise.

This has worked for me in building a large group that trusts and supports me.

Move fast toward your goals this week!

All my best -


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