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Hi friend, here's free training for you.

Hi friend, here's free training for you.

Our students enjoy these.

They're called "katas" from our Powerbatics training...

Mini-routines that build strength and fill in all the gaps and weak links.

These are for everyone from kids 3 to 83, lol.

Also, for beginners to advanced and beyond.

Here's Level 3 Powerbatics Handstand Kata.

It will help you build:

1. A press handstand

2. Core compression strength

3. Hip and hamstring flexibility

4. Thoracic and shoulder mobility

5. Strength and cardio simultaneously

It contains over ten moves strung together in a sequence.

Remember, this is Level 3, so you may or may not be able to do this yet.

But don't worry, you can build it.

Each Level takes about 8-16 weeks to master. Sometimes longer, sometimes shorter, depending on each person.

Want to learn more?

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