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How do you grow a group on autopilot?

How do you grow a group on autopilot?

The short answer

Use paid advertising.

But I understand how vague that is, so let me expand.

In our opinion, paid advertising beats every other method you could use to grow your group.

Friend, Once you set it up, it runs itself.

You can target your ideal clients (and ensure they're qualified members).

Plus, once you get the ads working, they're highly scalable.

Friend, You add more fuel to the fire and watch your revenue increase rapidly.

The effort vs. the reward is an excellent ratio.

I don't think there's any other method for group growth that can top it.

Would you spend hours a day manually adding friends and posting in competing groups

Or put in a little effort (a single time with a bit of maintenance afterward) to sit back then and watch your group grow daily?

The choice is pretty straightforward.

There is one caveat, though.

You must do an excellent job with your group and have a reliable process for converting members into clients.

You'll be flushing your ad dollars down the toilet if you don't have that.

So keep that in mind, and make it your goal to grow your group consistently with advertising.

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