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How many of us genuinely have grit?

How many of us genuinely have grit? I know sometimes I struggle with it. I take it extremely hard when I make a mistake and upset my family. It makes me feel like a failure. Better yet, sometimes I feel like a has-been; almost 50, not a cop or in the corps anymore. This makes me wonder what good I am doing these days. I’m not placing my life on the line for others. I think all my retired cop and military friends understand this.

BUT….. Then I remember motivational truths such as this. It makes me remember how strong I am. It helps me not forget that all of us fail and fall short. My friends, It’s what we do with our failure that matters. When we fall, we can stay in the mud, backs painted with footprints, OR we can get back up and try again with grit!!!!

Stay motivated, my friends, and work every day to harness grit. My Friends, You don’t have to be perfect at it. You just have to try and obtain it!

Semper Fi!!

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