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I am catching this moment after the fact is costly.


“The clients I’m going to work with, the ones who don’t even know, are in my orbit, but I was not selling hard. I had my own limiting beliefs, and so much of that was uncovered, so I’m excited for them and the dreams that they’re going to reach. Because I am showing up bigger and walking in my purpose, they’re going to walk in theirs. I have never been so excited to sell. I am selling being service and selling being love. I felt that before, but it went to another level after this week.

The Dr. was successfully launching, selling, and making a lot of money quickly.

But she momentarily stopped doing what was working because she hadn’t identified her success strategy for launching. What HER clients needed and wanted, and how she could nurture them not only when she was open for enrollment but also in between.

She hadn’t quite grasped precisely what overselling was and how it showed up in her daily actions.

I coached her on this LIVE from the stage.

And then, something happened that mastermind dreams are made of.

Her mastermind sisters pulled up her Instagram account poolside and showed her what she had been unconsciously doing that was working. They did an entire social media audit poolside at the Four Seasons. It doesn’t get better than that.

And because of this moment at Warrior LIVE and what she learned on Day 3, where we broke down every mistake coaches make when launching and selling (even 1:1 selling), she caught a thought error that could have cost her a lot of money.

Instead, she will go on to grow her income without missing a beat.

Lots of coaches come into Warrior Mastermind because they want help selling.

But equally, many coaches come in being great at selling but need to realize their success path for selling. They start making money, which stops because they stop doing what is working. Because they don’t identify early on that critical component that brings in all the cash for them. It’s always something subtle that they didn’t even realize was essential to their buyers. They shift their selling just ever so slightly, launch to launch, and the impact on their income is dramatic.

I am catching this moment after the fact is costly.

Catching it before is one of the most significant investments to gain momentum.

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