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I feel bad if you're having growth and scaling problems.

Warrior, I feel bad if you're having growth and scaling problems.

Cus you got ninety-nine problems and are probably still sad.

While I flunked the lyrics here for the sake of email deliverability, I'm going to list a handful of ways your business grows TODAY:

1. You have a referral system in place

2. You are testing different front-end offers

3. You've got at least 2-3 traffic sources (can be organic)

4. You've split-tested variations of your lead magnet

Increase (Funnel) Spending Total

1. You have TESTED different methods of selling your offer

2. You're tracking ads v conversion rate v upgrades

3. You know roughly how long it takes from average lead to average client

4. You have a recurring offer somewhere in your funnel process (could be the backend)

Increase Purchase Frequency

1. You have upgrade systems for all clients

2. You've got full clients-only email campaigns for ascension

3. You have customer-only sales and offers

4. You have unique customization that your clients get access to

Now that's 12 different growth options and myriad ways to start optimizing your business. The 99 problems are, though

a. Which ones do you start?

b. WHERE do you go to implement?

Well, we created Warrior Bootcamp™ for this very reason. It's multiple high-ticket programs wrapped up into a Netflix-like membership system that's insanely low-cost, cancellable, and on offer


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