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I just hired my fitness and bodybuilding coach again.Why?

I just hired my fitness and bodybuilding coach again.


There are a few reasons, but this is the main one.

It’s straightforward.

Because I love being at my best.

And you are at your best starts with your body and mind.

I know to some people, a fitness coach, hiring a fitness coach sounds weird.

But when you take a second to think about it, it’s the opposite.

Would you trust a doctor who doesn’t see a doctor?

Would you trust a cook that doesn’t eat other chefs’ cooking or his cooking?

Sure, I can coach myself.

I’ve been doing so with great success for years.

But it’s not possible to hold yourself accountable at the same level a coach will hold you responsible.

I’m equally as human as anyone else.

My emotions influence my decisions.

When I’m coaching myself, I often rationalize and make decisions that affect my progress negatively.

Having a coach helps you cut through that.

So think.

If a fitness coach like myself, who has all the knowledge and tools needed to make fantastic progress on his own, benefits massively from working with a coach.

Imagine how much more you’ll benefit from not having all the knowledge, tools, and skills on your own

The choice is simple.

Do you want to be at your best?

If so, reply to this email with “I’M READY FOR MY BEST.”

And we’ll talk about what it will look like to have me set up a personalized game plan for you to drop your last layer of body fat, get a 6-pack ab lean, and pack as much lean muscle mass onto your frame as possible.

I look forward to helping you discover what it’s like to be at your best and achieve peak body composition, energy levels, confidence, performance, and health.

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