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I just wanted to check in.

I just wanted to check in.

And share five secrets that you can implement starting today.

You see, here's what most "pros" in the field either won't say or don't know…

That training, like any gown or tuxedo, MUST be tailored to the individual (imagine the results otherwise)...

DIY courses are like Happy Meals, appealing to the masses, but the results are more akin to the toy inside…

And the best athletes, scientists, or professionals are NOT the best at producing client results.

1. Full joint warm-up for about 5-10 minutes using 10-second holds or quick five-rep counts. We use a combination of passive, active, and dynamic flexibility.

2. Strength for 5-10 minutes using a 5-round couplet system (2 exercises back to back).

3. Skills for injury prevention from basic movement and vaults to more advanced skills and complex routines.


4. Flexibility training. Most mistake stretching at the beginning of a workout for flexibility work. It should be done at the end with 30-second to 2-minute long holds.

5. Share Wins & Victories! Don't overlook this. This is training your brain for positive outcomes.

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